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 SHAYDENT Dental Office

Advanced Dentistry

Junín 1631 1ro C - Recoleta - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Phone (+5411) 4802 7916 Cell Phone (+54911) 3035 4206


Advanced Dentistry Clinic.
We provide dental services on Dental Operatory, Root Cannal Therapy, Prosthesis, Dental Implants, Dental Aesthetics, Oral Surgery, Teeth Clean and Dental Whitening, Gum's Disease Treatment.
We treat children, adults and people with special qualities.
Warm Professional, Respectfull, Personalized Care.

Complete Implant-supported Oral Rehabilitation.
Management of dentist fear, for convenience of patients who would require and being indicated or necessary, we'll suggest performing surgery under hypnotic sedation in surgery room, with  presence and ongoing monitoring of Anesthesiologist and Cardiologist Physicians and subsequent internation.
(Subject to full pre-surgical clinical tests and trials, prior written authorisation from the Patient's Clinical physician).
For patients from abroad: We'll schedule your Treatment Plan to be combined with touring Buenos Aires and Argentina. Imagine YOURSELF Coming and Enjoying: Mate, Plaza de Mayo, Parrillada, San Telmo, Tango, Recoleta, Surfing in Chapadmalal Beach (near Mar del Plata), Asado Patagónico and return with a NEW SMILE!!!.


Before and after Dental Whitening


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Professional Experience and warmth go hand in hand with high quality infrastructure, techniques and materials to achieve a smile that will provide beauty, social acceptance and self esteem. 

We provide you with Advanced Dentistry.
Visits should be scheduled by phone or e-mail.
Diagnostic Consultation Free of Charge.
Schedule your TOUR TRIP TO ARGENTINA combined with dental treatment, and RETURN BACK HOME WITH A NEW SMILE!